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Bio Regenerate Range Oil Range Renewing White Range Tender Repair Range

Skin Care Series for Professional and Consumers

Formulated and manufactured in 1997, in Paris, Your Essential Secret™ is proud to be one of the few brands having its own production plant.

Associating with specialised researcher, manufacturer and clinical studies from top medical beauty products in 1997, we conduct further skincare research for products geared towards the Asian market.

All products undergoes the most stringent GMP, Goods Manufacturing Product and quality control measure set by the US FDA from selection, production and packaging to ensure satisfactory requirement and results of all skin types.

Hence, products are highly recommended by dermatologist and recognised widely.

A France formulation incorporated with Nobel Prizes winning technology of Aquaporin.

  • Known as "Plumbing System for Cells"
  • To deliver H2O into skin cells and control water permeability
  • Water molecules traverse through the pore of the channel in a single file

Bio Regenerate Range

Bio Regenerate Eye Gel (30g)

With plenty of soluble collagen and plant extract, this eye gel helps to make your eyes looking more beautiful by protecting it from free radicals, reducing of eye bags, puffy eyes as well as wrinkles and fine lines.

24 Hours Care Cream (30g)

Worry-free with 24 hours care protection cream! Packed with Vitamin A, D and E and hyaluronic acid to boost skin moisture and improve dry and tired skin.

Oil Range

Soft Gel Cleanser (150ml)

Introducing the softest exfoliating cleansing gel. Using seaweed extract, the round particle scrub helps to deep cleanse all impurities without irritating your skin.

Astringent Lotion (150ml)

Protect your skin from further infection. Give extra shield protection with disinfection properties to remove all traces by drying up spots and pimples on skin.

Spotless Gel (30g)

Support by lady hormone activator, this gel gives you fine and silky skin by minimizing rough and enlarged pores.

Pores Purifying Essence (35ml)

Use mainly dermatological proven conditioner to sooth and treat infection skin. This is especially good for curing seborrhea skin problem.

Spotless Gel Mask (100g)

Pamper and soothe your skin while you sleep and rise looking more beautiful when wake up. Contain naturally calming effect to reduce swelling, irritant, acne and comedones.

Renewing White Range

Whitening Cleansing Gel (150ml)

Rejuvenate your skin to crystal clear and improve tired skin tissues and skin elasticity.

Anti Age White Essence (35ml)

Rewind the clock by improvising your skin from abnormal formation of pigmentation, black spots and freckles.

Renewal White Moisturizer (30g)

This cream rapidly moisturizes and penetrates your skin with enrich whitening moisturizer to reduce pigmentation and freckles.

UV 15 Hydro Lotion (150ml)

Designed with Nanotechnology, we offer maximum protection against UVA/UVB for teenager and adult.

Whitening UV 3 in 1 (30g)

A special 3 in 1 sun block cream that provides sun care protection, anti-chemical and acts as make up base.

Hydrating White Mask (100g)

Relax and moisture your skin while you sleep, the mask actively stimulate and rejuvenate tired skin cells, allowing the skin to be fairer, refreshed and healthier.

Re-whitener Cream (30g)

Helping to treat stubborn pigmentation, lighten freckles and improve your skin metabolism with effectiveness of 92.8%.

Tender Repair Range

Tender Cleansing Milk (150ml)

The soft hydrating cleansing milk helps to remove all fine particles and traces of make up leaving skin feeling soft and smooth.

Balancing Softener (150ml)

It is a kind of moisturizing softener that balancing skin pH value. Assist your skin with naturally anti-inflammatory and soothing properties to heal dehydrated skin.

Hydrating Repair Essence (35ml)

Repair the skin with anti-sensitive molecules to repair minor capillaries and allergic skin. Stronger your skin resistance and rejuvenating your skin cells with oxygen and nutrients.

Hydrating Repair Moisturizer (30g)

Repair sensitive and dry skin by hydrating, moisturizing and anti redness. Giving you a healthy skin protection barrier while maintaining adequate skin moisture from external free radical attack.

The pigmentation reduced after 1 month prolonged use of "Your Essential Secret" product.