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3D Facial Gym™

Duration: 45 minutes

The signature treament which helps to train facial muscle for better uplifting, detoxification and lympatic drainage to make your face looking younger, more radiance and smoother.
~ Double Chin / Eye Bag / Eye Wrinkles / Dark Circles / Face Shaping

3D Body Gym™

Duration: 45 minutes

An instant and skilled technique which stimulate circulation and reflexology to break stubborn fat, restore body blood circulation, and relaxes the muscle for easier slimming and shaping processes.

Miracle 3D Gym™

Duration: 45 minutes

Energize and immobilize fat cells to aid body tissues in flushing out toxin and bodily waste, the treatment is completed with the application of ampoule invigorate inner wellness and outer beauty.


Duration: 45 minutes

Effectively promote skin cell turnover rate thorough the synergy of science and pure natural elements to awake and improve cell respiration, cell defences and skin detoxification.

3D Detoxification™

Duration: 45 minutes

Detoxify and relax from job pressure, stress and overload with full sensation in nourishing your cell to obtain ageless skin and timeless beauty.

Enchanted Facial™

Duration: 90 minutes

Settle down on a nice cosy bed and allow the skin to be pampered to perfection. Gently your skin are cleanse with all impurities removed, top with nice cooling mask to soothe the occasion.

Paradise Indulgence™

Duration: 90 minutes

After a long tiring journey of hectic day, come and indulge a facial paradise. Allow your muscle to calmly relax, and let your therapist perform their fingering trick to heal your skin to full restoration.

Revitalizing Care™

Duration: 120 minutes

A special three relaxing treatments combined to create one relaxing experience to improve skin cells respiration and strengthen natural defences for clearer, brighter and more radiance skin tone.

Vitality Therapy™

Duration: 120 minutes

A uniquely blend and personalized therapy combined with tactical scrub and rich essence to refresh and awaken skin cells. Effectively, stimulate lymphatic system and recharging skin cells to ensure silky smooth complexion.

Serenity Retreat™

Duration: 60 minutes

The ultimate pampering package treatment with full relaxation, includes a whole body massage from neck, shoulder, body and foot to leave you feeling and looking refreshed.

Other Services

Eye Lash Perm

Eyebrow Shaping

Day/Night Make Up

Moles Removal



Manicure & Pedicure


Add on Services

(1) Special Treatment Machines
(2) Special Treatment Masks
(3) Special Treatment Ampoule